CP_PICTURES_11Romana Kryzanowska was the world-renowned protégé of Joseph Pilates and taught the method for nearly six decades. Long ago, Romana made a commitment to Joe and Clara Pilates to continue their life’s work. Romana delivered on that promise by traveling the world teaching the next generation of instructors with her own certification process called Romana’s Pilates.

Upon Romana’s passing in 2013, her daughter, Sari Mejia Santo, and grandaughter, Daria Pace, have taken over the operations of Romana’s Pilates and continue with Romana’s promise to Joe and Clara.  Romana’s Pilates has a small number of instructors who are entrusted in helping educating apprentices. These instructors are given a higher level of certification and Chicago has one of Romana’s most senior instructors living here – Juanita Lopez. Juanita travels around the world educating instructors and is passionate about maintaining the integrity of Pilates’ exercises.

All of Romana’s Pilates instructors are handpicked and the certification process is long, detailed and strict. A minimum of 600 hours of observation and assisted teaching is necessary along with passing three practical exams and one written exam. These efforts are undertaken in order to offer clients the highest quality instructor and prepare instructors for a lifetime of teaching Pilates the way Joe intended.