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Kym’s Medical Fund for Lyme Disease

I started life as a Ballet Dancer and then moved into the Fitness Industry and have taught movement for over 30 years. For the past 16 years I’ve been helping people get healthy through teaching Pilates and sharing how good nutrition can help the body heal. What most people don’t know… for the past 11…


American National Biography Online: Pilates, Joseph

Pilates, Joseph Hubertus (1880-9 Oct. 1967), physical trainer, was born near Düsseldorf, Germany. His exact date of birth and the full names of his parents are unknown. His father, a champion gymnast, was Greek; his mother, who was German, worked as a naturopath. The family name, of Greek origin, is pronounced “Puh-lah-tees” and was derived…


Get the Facts on Pilates

  Admittedly, the history of many ancient fitness activities is sometimes sketchy. Tai chi, swimming, yoga, and even running all started thousands of years ago, and although there is some documentation, the precise beginnings are unknown. Things are different with Pilates. The beginning is clear. It was created in the 1920s by the physical trainer…

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